You suspect your employee is ripping off the company. It may be something a small as stealing petty cash or office supplies. It may be something much larger like pilfering office equipment, spare parts or important documents. Using one of the cleverly disguised body worn cameras may be just the ticket to finding out who is doing what, when you aren’t around to see it.

One particularly clever device is the new day planner that comes with a camera hidden in the side. It provides a perfect way to keep an eye on light-fingered employees. It is also a great way to provide video surveillance during meetings and drug busts. And who would suspect that slender, card type calculator you carry around of being a high quality digital camera? It is capable of storing thirty-two images, which are easily transferred to your computer and is also capable of being used as a camera for your PC. But there are body worn cameras that can top even that special device. Nearly everybody wears a wristwatch, and there are state-of-the-art digital watch cameras available that even have built-in LCD displays. These great watches are not only great for covert work, but lots of fun, too. They can take up to 320 quality digital photos, feature a PC camera function and have a great rechargeable lithium ion battery, so you don’t have to worry about having to go out a buy a new battery all of the time. Can you think of an easier way to cart around a digital camera?