I was elated to discover this detached house with a big garden that was available for rental in a quiet suburb when I was first transferred to another town to work as an engineer. It was located at a cul de sac, the house being the last house in the row. I thought it was perfect..quiet, newly constructed and with a good neighbor who was a banker. Without reservation, I rented the house and my family shifted in a week later. 3 months later, I almost lost my life. I was travelling as a passenger in a friend’s car when someone lost control of his car, and crashed into the Honda car I was travelling in, killing the front seating passenger. I was at the back and had a smashed face, and was warded in the hospital and had to stay another month for medical treatment. But how is this related to the house I was staying in then? In fact, I was never a fan of feng shui, the ancient chinese art of geomancy.

When I was warded in the hospital, my neighbor who was a banker and also a chinese scholar, visited me and began to spill the beans. The house where I was staying was facing bad «chi» or an aura of bad atmosphere was emancing from the house that was facing directly opposite my house. The occupant of that house was a monk who works as a «chanter» who performs the chanting ceremony over the dead. This is a chinese practise for those who have died, the chanting being akin to prayer to make the way easier for the dead spirits to depart. According to my neigbor, every day when this monk returns home, he brings along the bad «chi» from the dead, and which then emants out towards the direction of my house. A shiver went down my spine when I heard this news. In my imagination, I could almost see evil spirits following this monk and congregating at his home before fanning out in the direction of my house. But what about my neighbor? How did he protect himself against this bad influence of «chi’? «I hang out a mirror,» this chinese scholar said. This mirror when hung outside reflects and deflects the bad chi and mystically protects the inhibitants from ill effects and ward off evil. This is the ancient art of feng shui at work», he added. Three months after the accident I recovered to leave the hospital, I was not ready to remain a day longer in that rented house. I did not hang out a mirror. I had enough and the solution was to just shifted house. We moved out! I met my banker neighbor friend 5 years down the road. I asked how he was. » I have never been better,» he replied, » and my mirror has always done its job».

Yes, we can protect our house, ourselves and belongings with the most sophisticated security alarm systems. But apart from this, where we choose to believe in the anciet art of feng shui, we need a simple mirror to be hung outside our house to ward off bad «chi» and evil.Are you a believer of the ancient chinese art of feng shui?