Wouldn’t it be nice to know what is happing in your home or office while your not there? In order to do so you need a surveillance system. There are many reasons why people need surveillance systems, so what’s yours? Do you suspect a cheating spouse, or abusive nanny? Or maybe you have children or pets at home alone and knowing what they are doing gives you peace of mind. No matter what your reason is, you just need to know. But what is it going to cost you? Using surveillance technology isn’t cheap.

From the cameras and expensive recorders to hardware components and maintaining a quality system you can spend anywhere from $700.00 to $10,000 and up. This amount of money may not be an option for you, and that’s okay because now you have VISEC. Developed by NASA level programmers, VISEC is a software that turns your existing home or office computer into a powerful, global-wide video surveillance system in 5 minutes or less. Simply install VISEC on your computer and connect up to four cameras. Any webcam will connect directly to your computer through USB. Or connect any wireless or hidden camera with a digital video grabber like the GrabBee II. This is the bridge between your computer and camera. Using your computer’s IP address you can login from any Internet connection in the world an immediatly view live or past video. VISEC can record constantly or only when motion is detected. In motion detection mode you can set-up VISEC to alert you by email, cell phone or PDA when motion is detected. You can also set VISEC to record during a specific time. Companies use this feature during after hours. VISEC starts recording at closing and stops recording at opening. In all recording modes VISEC can run as a stealth surveillance system. Just click the secret mode button and VISEC will disappear. In set-up you will be able to choose a hotkey that will allow you to bring VISEC back to normal operating mode. Operating in secret mode can help you catch a cheating spouse, abusive nanny or even a burglar. VISEC will record all the evidence you need. One of the top features of VISEC is it’s ability to FTP recorded video.

You can FTP video to a server of your choice or VISEC’s server. This insures that your video is safe in case anything happens to your computer. If your computer is ever stolen you can call VISEC and they will send you the video. VISEC is a very easy program to use. Even people that consider themselves computer illiterates can operate this program. Best of all, VISEC has NO monthly fees. You can pay a one-time fee and receive a lifetime of free updates.

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