As we sit glued to the television set listening to all the gory details of yet another terrorist attack leaves us all in a state of shock.

We all feel sad. We all feel that enough is enough. We all listen to how much the death toll is rising into the hundreds. We all wait in anticipation to hear of any survivors, then after a few days. We all forget I recall years ago when the seat belt was introduced and how it was drummed into us each and every day, clunk click every trip. The nation was brainwashed into abiding by the new law imposed that was to save so many lives. Well I say make a stand and bring back brainwashing in the form of terrorist awareness, it may cause a lot of paranoia amongst a great many but it may also save a lot of misery suffering pain and most importantly lives. Terrorists are like actors where they are well rehearsed in their role to kill. Drama classes pay off for terrorists in their preparation for slaughter. A Massacre murderer is well trained to keep his or her composure and not to look suspicious. The question is how we can help the system in the fight against terrorism. What signs do we have to look for to sniff out a walking time bomb, especially when these murderers have re enacted the role over and over again in portraying the look of innocence? I am not sure if there are any signs to look out for where a professional is concerned, but we can help by being more observant This can be done by being more aware of how serious terrorism really is, the next time you go shopping or take the tube to work or when taking the kiddies to school, watch what the person next to you is doing If traveling on a bus even high in the sky make a little note of what your fellow passenger is wearing.

Make an image diary in your head of what they look like, note little tell tale signs as in i.

e. tattoos scars jewelry whatever. Take in enough information on that person so that should any circumstances arise on that day where police are involved and are looking for information, you may hold the key to conviction. But remember not all suspicious looking characters are guilty and there are times you may well get paranoid by the person next to you. Do not panic keep calm then go and speak with someone if you feel there is need for concern. I know this approach can cause paranoia among a lot of people but it also may save lives. CCTV can not do all the work alone