Home Security Monitoring Protecting the life blood of your security system – The Phone Line Security systems use the home telephone line to transmit alarm signals to the central monitoring station. This is accomplished by connecting a 4-conductor wire between the security panel and the main phone company’s box.

It is very important that the connection is made the right way to achieve what is called line seizure. It ensures that a dial tone is available for the security system to call out on . Without line seizure a burglar could cause a busy signal by calling the home or by taking the phone of the hook. This would keep the company providing your home security service from receiving any signals. The alarm technician is supposed to connect the incoming telephone line to the security panel first and then feed the home phone line from the security panel. You should double check to see if this has been done Have you recently changed to phone service to VOIP? A call to the alarm company is needed to check the phone connection to the security panel. Many times the cable company will disconnect the phone connection to the security system and attach it to their equipment. The homeowner doesn’t realize there is a problem because there is no apparent change to the phone service. Another tip to keep your home security service working. If you upgrade your Internet connection to high speed DSL there may be a compatibility problem that can prevent your system from dialing out. To remedy this problem you can pay your alarm company a service call fee to come to your home and install a DSL filter. While using your existing phone line is the most cost effective way to notify the police it does leave your home vulnerable if your phone line is cut Burglars use this vulnerability to help cover up the crime. When the homeowner returns their initial shock turns to anger when they realize how easy the home security monitoring was defeated. The good news is that there is a solution available. Install cellular-backup equipment to your alarm system and never worry about a cut phone line again! Adding this equipment to a home security system turns your outdated monitoring method into a ultra secure system like many banks and large business.

Once installed your burglar alarm will use your phone line as your primary means of notifying the authorities but if your phone line is cut then the company monitoring your home security system will be notified through the cellular network. Who knows the burglar may get overconfident and stay in your home longer giving the police an opportunity to catch them. Most security companies will charge an additional fee for monitoring a home alarm system using cell-backup on top the normal monitoring fee. Although the fees can get expensive it is well worth the peace of mind you will have knowing you and your home well protected. Check your insurance policy to see if there is a discount given for home security monitoring. The bottom line is the phone line is the lifeblood of your home security service, you should test your system on a regular basis and make sure you notify the alarm company if you make any changes to your telephone service