We in UK are quite accustomed to moving around under other’s surveillance than a general person in many third world countries. More than 400,000 cameras are always monitoring us in a car park, station, shopping complex, on our way to office or may be even in our private spaces, unwanted. General people are day by day supporting its presence to fight against internal and international crime. In post 9/11 scenario, CCTV cameras are being installed more and more round the corner primarily for better and entrusted public security. This CCTV monitoring is widespread not simply in our own country. Recorders are being installed on the Trans Europe Motorway from the Greek border through Turkey towards Ankara.

This is covering a distance of 700 kilometres. This huge project supports over 1,400 camera inputs and 480 audio channels and it is probably the largest networked recording Security surveillance system contracted until today. Fifty wi-fi enabled CCTV cameras are installed across central London that may revolutionize the police patrolling system within 18 months of trial period. In recent future, police will be able to track a suspect from a handheld device as the system can be controlled locally within that network coverage. One thing must be mentioned here that, general people may also use such technology as IFSEC hand-held PDA applications provide security personnel with the ability to view both live or recorded camera images from any installation, located anywhere in the world. However, this may end up the age long debate that these closed circuit TV cameras only can record a crime in progress. Now the police persons will have more opportunity to reach the spot and take necessary actions on time. Future really holds hard for drug dealers, peddlers, and an easy finder of parking spaces for citizens. Nevertheless, currently there are no cost effective night vision systems available for object identification for distances from 150 metres to 2000 metres. On the other hand, active infrared systems have a narrow field of view that makes navigation and orientation difficult. Still there are some cameras available in the market that can serve the purpose as good. These cameras are ideal for covert applications since they utilises a laser light that operates below the visible spectrum to illuminate the target area.

However, it all depends on the needs of the users. There is a good lot of software like EVIS that can provide tailor-made solution for the end users and is flexible enough to meet all custom requests by the use of a modular system. Is there any harm in taking protection beforehand if the users are conscious of their social limits and responsibilities! Time to decide.

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