Does your work entail government secrets, sensitive information, new products not yet copyrighted, or investigative procedures? Then you probably need to invest in some of the different types of bug detectors available. There are several types of bug detectors on the market today that do a variety of things. One such device is a sound masking system that introduces sound into the perimeter of the environment.

By introducing sound into the perimeter instead of the entire area, which would cause people to raise their voices, thereby defeating the purpose of the audio blanket, this device will prevent eavesdropping regardless of where the bug has been placed. Other types of bug detectors can ensure telephone line security. They are designed to locate electronic wiretapping and eavesdropping devices and stop them in their tracks. These special bug detectors can also detect computer hackers, telephone line employees and government agencies, who are trying to intercept your computer, telephone and fax communications. They can even detect video tape recorders. Then there are bug detectors that can tell you if someone is using their cell phone to monitor your conversations. These bug detectors can flash a red light, give off an audio alert warning, and prevent the monitoring by cell phone from such agencies as police departments, prisons, security firms, etc. Some bug detectors can find the presence of small video cameras by telling you that they are there, and then by quickly finding the location of the camera, and have a detection range of two to fifteen feet. There are even some bug detectors that can warn a person of both audio and video bugging devices that are located on the premises. Whatever your needs in audio and video bug detectors, there is a device on the market that will work for you.